Gylfaginning (The Beguiling of Gylfi)

King Gilfi (Gylfe, Gylvi, Gangleri) was the king of a land called “Sweden (Svithjod, Sweden). He met a wandering girl named Gefjun (Gefjun, Gefjon) and to entertain her will. The size of land she could plow in one night, using four cows.

But in fact, Jephjan was of Æsir, and the cow she adopted was her own child, born from her husband, who was a giant. That night, Jeffjan was able to get a huge piece of land, and Jephjan called the land she had acquired as Zealand.

After King Gilfi had lost the land of Zealand, he set off as Gangleri to Asgard, hoping to meet the goddess Iser, hoping to learn the knowledge.

On his way to Iser's palace, he met three men High, Even-High, Third High, who answered King Gilfi's words, the creation of the universe, the creature and the birth of the gods.

Gylfaginning ended. When the questions and stories were all over, the palace of Iserthan disappeared, King Gilfi stood in his own land, and told him about the history of the Norse.

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