Nikolai Polikarpov
Nikolai Polikarpov

Nikolai Polikarpov

Nikolai Poligarpov (Николай Николаевих Поликарпов)

Designers of I-15, 1-16 aircraft, he was unofficially regarded as the King of Fighters of the USSR.

Poligarpov was born June 9 (May 28, O.S.). His father was a priest named Nikolai (Nikolai Petrovich Polikarpov, 1867-1938). His mother was Alexandra (Alexandra Sergieva Akarina).

He was a child with a good memory since he was young, fond of inventing and drawing. Before the age of five, he practiced his own language, and even at the age of 9 he studied at Livensky Theological School.

After graduating from junior high school, he moved to Oryol Theological Seminary in 1909.

1911 Enrolled at Saint Petersburg Polytechnical University, choosing to study mechanical engineering.

While studying in 1914, he worked at Dux Aircraft, a St. Petersburg aircraft manufacturing company.

At that time Igor was the manager of the Russo-Balt factory, an automobile and aircraft factory. Poligarpov was involved in the design of Ilya Moromets, a double-wing, four-engine bomber which Used in the Russian army

In 1923, he worked as the head of the technical department at Dux Aircraft in Moscow, where Poligarbov began designing the I-1, a Soviet fighter jet.

In 1927, he developed the U-2 (Po-2) aircraft, which was a very successful aircraft, which produced nearly thirty thousand aircraft.

In 1929, Poligarpov was arrested on anti-revolutionary charges and sentenced to death a time later.

December, was transferred to Butyrka prison, which was set up inside the OGGU (Special Design Bureau of OGGU) factory and his death sentence was changed to mandatory labour for 10 years.

He was later transferred to Plant 39 (TSKB-39, Central Design Bureau 39) to complete the design work on the pending I-5 aircraft.

1930 April 29, an I-5 aircraft, which was a fighter jet, was taken off for its first flight.

The R-5 was built as an aircraft for surveillance and bombardment, another successful aircraft and was stationed in the Soviet Air Force.

In 1931, after the successful development of the I-5 aircraft, Poligarpov and his comrades were pardoned, and Poligarpov worked with Pavel Sukhoi to develop the I-16 aircraft.

1933, the I-15 “Seagull”, developed from I-5, was taken into flight.

1935 was awarded the Order of Lenin

The I-153 was developed from the I-15 using the M-62 engine. The I-153 became the main Soviet fighter aircraft during the war with Japan and early World War II.

In 1939, Poligarpov set up an autonomous aircraft design plant to develop the I-153 aircraft.

He was later sent to see a job in Germany, where, after returning, he began developing the I-185 fighter jet.

1940 won the Hero of Socialist Labor and Stalin Prize.

1944 July 30, died at the age of 52. His body was buried at Novodevichy cemetery.

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