Blue Peacock
Blue Peacock

Blue Peacock

Blue Peacock is a nuclear bomb that was developed by the British in the 1950s during the Cold War. It was placed in the lowlands of northern Germany. There is a change in pressure.

Blue Peacock weighs 7.2 tons, adapted from the Blue Danube nuclear bomb, which is a nuclear bomb dropped into the air. Radiation residue after explosion

The Royal Armament Research and Development Establishment, RARDE, based in Kent, developed Blue Peacock in 1954.

Later, in 1957, Britain brought Blue Peacock to install it in Germany, claiming it was a device to generate nuclear power for the army for field use.

In February 1958, Britain ended the development of Blue Peak as it considered a security risk due to the inability to control the radioactive emitted, which could be detrimental to itself and allied nations.

On April 1, 2004, a document on the Blue Peacock development project was decreasing confidentiality and was released. It is clear that one of the reasons the project was canceled was probably technical reasons because the cold weather while bringing Blue Peacock to the ground in Germany may have caused the electronic equipment to crash until the bomb was not working, but it was proposed to remove the chicken. Put it in a bomb, so that the chicken gets enough food for a week, and the temperature of the chickens will keep the electronics from getting too cold.

But because the documents were revealed exactly on April 1, many people thought it was a lie.

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