Tao Cha Qin (, Cao Xueqin)

Author of Dream of the Red Chamber (Dream in the Red Tower), one of China's four literary classics

Taochochin was born in 1715 or maybe 1724. His father was Tao Fu (, Cao Fu).

His family is Han, but most of the family members work in the Plain White Banner, one of the eight Manju armies, where the White Flag Army is a military unit that meets the emperor.

He was a friend from childhood with the Kangxi Emperor, while Taoyi's mother, Lady Sun, was Kangxi's mother. Later, when Kangxi became emperor, her husband, Cao Xi, was appointed as the master of the capital. Jiang Ning (Jiangning)

In 1684, when Tao Xi died, Taoyin was appointed the Royal Mulberry Silk Regiment after his father. In addition to his regular service as a soldier, Taoyin also likes to collect books and translate classic Chinese texts into manju.

In 1712, Taoyin died. After that, Tao Yi (, Cao Yong), the only son of Taoyin, was responsible for his father's work.

In 1715, when Taoyuan died, Emperor Kangxi gave his royal power to the family of Gao Tao Fu (father of Taoqin), whose dignity was Taoyin's grandson, became an adopted son of Taoyin, although Taoyin had died, to continue his successor, and to be responsible for the work of the Mulberry Regiment for three generations.

*However, some Chinese historians say that Taoqin may be the son of Taoyuan because there are information that Taoyuan's only son was born after his father died. However, this child is recorded as Tao Tianyu ((天, Cao Tianyou)

In 1722, Emperor Kangzesawankat and Emperor Yongzheng Emperor reigned.

In 1727, Emperor Yongzheng, who did not please the Tao family, ordered the forfeiture of the Tao family's assets, and Taofu was held in prison for mismanagement and misuse of funds.

In 1728, Tao Fu was released from prison. After that, the Tao clan was forced to move from Jiangning to Beijing's fall, where their families lived in poverty.

There is no information about Taoqin's early life, but when in Beijing he drank alcohol and made money by selling paintings and kites.

Taochochin was married twice, but did not know the name of the first wife, but that they had a son together, who died a time later, while a second wife, Fangqin, with whom they happily lived.

1763, or 1764, Taochochin died.

1791 Dream of the Red Chamber was printed by Gao Yu (Gao E, 高) and Cheng Weiwiyan (, Cheng Weiyuan), both of whom claimed to have discovered the original written by Taochongqin.