Operation Diamond
Operation Diamond

Operation Diamond

August 15, 1966, a Soviet MiG-21 fighter jet, a new aircraft at the time, was stolen from Iraq to Israel by Mossad operations. Israel wanted to study this aircraft, which the MiG-21 aircraft was sold to many countries in the middle of the day.

Prior to that, April 1965, Gen. Ezer Weizmann, commander of the Israeli Air Force, consulted with Mir Amit, commander of the Mossad unit, about the possibility of stealing a MiG-21 plane to study the secrets of the aircraft.

The aircraft theft operation took place twice earlier by the Mossad unit, but failed.

The Mossad officer hired an Egyptian pilot named Adib Hanna, promising that, if successful, he would give $1million in return. But Adib Hanna talked about his chief, kept secrets revealed, and Jean Thomas with his family were arrested in Charged as a spy, that Thomas was sentenced to death by hanging in 1962.

Next, there was a second operation, which failed.

Operation 3 (successful), starting in 1964, the Mossad unit hired a non-Muslim pilot, dealing with Iraqis of Jewish descent through the Israeli embassy in Paris, having been in touch with Joseph Maksour, who works in the home of the Redfa family, an Assyrian family in Iraq. The members of the House are also pilots of the Iraqi Army, Munir Radifa (منير ردفا, Munir Redfa), who is 32 years old.

The Radifa family has been vowing to receive a beautiful reward, along with being escorted to a safe place, which brought the code operation “Diamond” to begin.

August 15, 1966, when Munir Radifa piloted a MiG-21 plane to Israel, then the plane was sent to the U.S. for study, before being returned to Israel and is now on display in the Israeli Air Force Museum.

Information obtained from the MiG-21 aircraft is considered to have contributed to Israel's 6-day war (Six days war, 5-10 Jun). Sept. 1967), where Israel opened the war with an attack on an Egyptian airbase, which kept the most airplanes in order to gain air advantage, until Israel could defeat the war in a quick time.

As for the Radifa family, it was awarded a £5 hundred thousand reward and lived in the US, Munir Radifa worked as an oil company pilot before three years later he moved to Europe and died in 1998 from a heart attack.

The story of Redfa was created as a film of Steal the Sky (1988).

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