Chen Duxiu
Chen Duxiu

Chen Duxiu

Chen Tu Xiu (, Chen Duxiu)

Chinese Communist Party founder and Li Dazhao

I like history. I'll see time as a wheel.

Like science, look at time as an arrow.


He was the last child in a wealthy family. His father, Chen Yanzhong, died when Chen Tuxiu was 2 years old because of the plague.

Chen Tu Xiu grew up with the care of his grandfather. With his eldest brother (Chen Qingyuan).

1894 (First Sino-Japanese War)

1896. At the age of 17, he was able to take a test of the prowl (, Keju, Imperial Examination), which was a local test for public service.

1897 entered the Juzhen test, but it did not pass.

He enrolled in Qiushi Academy, now Zhejiang University in Hangzhou. He studied French language and shipbuilding.

This year, he has also married Gao Xianlan (Gao Xiaolan).

1899 Boxer Rebellion

1900 moved to Changhai

In 1901, he went to study in Japan. While he was in Japan, he learned about socialist ideas and joined the movement against Manju.

In 1902, he returned to China by living in Nanjing. During this time, he supported two political parties but did not become members. Sun Yat-Sen and the Party

September, he traveled to Japan again to study.

March 1903, returned to China and traveled to his hometown Anhui for political activism.

In May, he established an anti-Manju association named Anhui Patriotic Union.

Soon after, he fled Anhui for being pressured by government officials, with him fleeing to Changhai.

In Zhanghai, Chen Tusiu made the Kuomintang Daily newspaper with Zhang Shizhao, Zhang Ji and Xie Xiaoshi, which only print four months from June to October. The newspaper was banned from printing.

In 1904, he returned to Anhui and made Anhui Suhuaboa (Anhui News), which gained popularity among the population and had over 3,000 copies printed. Chen Tu Xing also wrote articles in his newspaper, using the name San Ai pen.

In 1905, his Anhui News newspaper was officially closed. After 23 printing, Chen Tuxiu became a book teacher in a school in Changhai, where he established a secret association against Manju called the Yiwanghui Association (王, Yuewanghui).

1908 traveled to Japan again and attended Waseda University, studying English and French.

1909 returned to China and got a job as a teacher at a Russian military school in Hangzhou.

1911 after the Xinhai Revolution event, which marked the end of the Qing Dynasty in China.

Chen Tu Chiu has worked in local government and has been a secretary in Anhui's military government.

In March 1913, participated in the Second Revolution (Second Revolution) under the leadership of Goi Mintang and Dr. Sun Yad Zen, in defiance of Yuan Shikai's government, but Gogmin Tang's party defeated, Chen Tu Xiu was soon released in prison.

In 1914, he traveled to Japan for a short time to help Zhang Shizhao set up a magazine, Sergeant Yin (, Jiayin). In this article, he used the pen name “Duxiu” to write an article.

In 1915, the magazine Youth was founded in Xianghai, which was later renamed New Youth, which has fought its popularity among students.

In 1917, Chen Tu Xiu became a faculty member of the Faculty of Philosophy, Peking University. He also taught literature.

He was later invited to stay in Beijing. In Beijing, he met Li Dazhao, a member of the Marxist group, which led Chen Tuxiu to print out a special edition of New Youth that invited the idea of Marxist.

1919, Chen Tu Xiu was expelled from Peking University for being involved in the May 4th Movement.

In 1920, he was in Xianghai and set up a group of Marks.

In 1921 July 1, Chen Tu Xiu, together with Li Dazhao, established the Chinese Communist Party, where Chen Tu Xiu was elected as secretary-general of the party. At the time of the party's founding, the CPC party had less than 200 members, which also co-founded Mao Zedong.

As for Chen Tu Xiu, he was nicknamed China's Lenin by the CPCs during the period supported by the Soviets through the Comintern Organization.

In 1927, Mao Zedung and Mikhail Borodin, representatives of the Soviets, sent to assist the CPC party in talks with Wuhan's Governor Wang Jingwei to adopt the CPC policy, which led the party to support Gogh Mintai Party. (Kuomintang, KMT)) is not satisfied.

In March, the KMT clan, led by Jiang Kaishek, successfully seized Nanjing and used it as a stronghold.

April 12, a massacre in Shanghai massacre, supporters of Gogh Min Tang party have risen to suppress communists in Xianghai, where communist parties led by Chen Tu Xiu and Zhou Enlai. This was the beginning of the Chinese Civil War. The communist faction had more than 5,000 deaths.

November, after the Communists lost to the KMT, they had to return to the underground movement and revised the ruling party's executive committee, which allowed Chen Tu Siu to be removed from the party's secretary-general.

1928 June, the Baiyang government refers to the government of the Republic of China, founded by Yuan Shichai and against President Zhang Zoulin as the second president, has been overthrown, and Gogmin has announced a new government using Nanking as the capital. The Gogmin government has since been recognized by International that it is China's legitimate government.

In 1929, Chen Trotsky was expelled from the CPC. Later, he rejoined a group supporting Trotsky (Leon Trotsky) in China.

1932 Chen Tu Siu was captured by the people of the KMT and taken to prison.

1937 during the period of the Sino-Japanese War (Japan-China war. Chen Tu-Xiu was released from prison. During this time, Mao Zedung took CPC members through Long March to Yan'an.

1938 Chen Tu Xiuma lived in Chongqing (Chongqing) and worked as a teacher.

But that later because of health problems led him to move to Jiangjin City, in Sichuan (Jiangjin, Sichuan).

1942 27 May, died at the age of 63


The first wife, Gao Dazhong (Gao Dazhong, 1876-1930). They had three sons together, one daughter.

The second wife, Gao Junman (Gao Junman, 1888-1931), they were cousins. The couple had two sons together and one woman.

Third wife, Pan. Such grandchildren (Pan Lanzhen, 1908-1949) do not have children together.

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