The Yiwu Zhi (館)

“The Record of Foreign Matters” or “The Record of Foreign Matters”

Records of Rarities is a book written by Yang Fu (, Yang Fu), an aristocrat in Eastern Han Dynasty, 23-220 AD).

This book notes many things, including plants (cotton, cotton, pho, Korean mint), vegetables, fruits (coconut, olive, arbutas, sugar cane), animals (gorillas, elephants, rhinos, monkeys, peacocks), insects, and fish, as well as the story of indigenous people, culture.

Where did Sweet Potato come from in China come from?

Sweet potato (Ipomoea Batatas L.) or in Chinese, called gunshu (, gānsh). The generally accepted information is said to have entered China in the late Ming dynasty (Ming dynasty, 1368-1644).

However, some historians believe that yam is already present in China. According to Yu Zhi's book, Yang Fu Green, “The yam looks like taro, and its meat is white like pork fat... the southerners eat it like rice.”

The Spratly Islands or the Chinese called the Nancha Islands (南, Nansha Islands) has been China since ancient?

“Nancha Islands are many small islands, there are sandy islands, corals and beaches in the South China Sea. The waters are shallow, with rocks and magnetized rocks.”

That's why China claims its rights in the disputed archipelago.