Vitalic Butarin (Виталик Буторин)

The creator of Ethereum (cryptocurrency)

Vitalic was born January 31, 1994 in Colomna, Moscow, Russia (Kolomna, Russia). His father is Dmitry (Dmitry Buterin), he is a programmer and businessman.

In 2000, when Buterin was 6 years old, the family moved to Canada, Buterin studied well since he was young. He studied in a children's room with special talents in the field of science.

When he went to third grade, he was arranged in a special gifted children's room.

Butarin High School studied at Abelard School in Toron.

In 2011, he started writing a column on the Bitcoin Weekly website, paid a bit of $5 per article, but soon the website shut down, but Butarin was contacted by a fan who liked to read his column, Mihai Alisi, Romanians, Mihai invited Vitalic to start a Bitcoin Magazine magazine together, so Vitalic wrote. Column into Bitcoin magazine, which is printed in book and digital format

In 2012, he attended Waterloo University in computer science, while studying Butarin helped work for Ian Goldberg. Goldberg was one of the developers of OTR (Off-the-Record Messaging) protocols for encrypting communication through messaging programs. He is also a former board member of the Tor Project (Network Development Project).

In 2013, Vitalik dropped out of the university to spend his time studying crypto currency. In the meantime, he went on a cool trip around the world to see the use of crypto currency in different places.

Butalik later came up with the idea that Bitcoy should have its own script language so that the application could be developed together. But when Vitalic tried to offer his ideas to a group of bitcoy developers, he didn't get attention to it, so he developed an Etherium ( Ethereum). Start writing the Ethereum White Paper to explain the concept and send it to 15 friends to read it.

Those who co-developed Etherium in the first place together with Vitalic are Mihi Alisi, Anthony Di Lorio and Charles Hoskinson.

2014 was funded by the Peter Thiel Foundation for a $100,000 tussle.

Attended the BTC Miani 2014 conference in Miami, where Vitalik brought the idea of creating an ethelium on stage. Although it was difficult for him to speak, the audience stood up when applauded to support his idea.

Ethereum began to be developed using Switzerland as the base for the establishment of the ethereum foundation to raise public open funds.

In addition to being a cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology just like Bitcoin, but Ethereum is a bit different from bitcoin. Ethereum can also support applications on blockchain, which is the same as Bitcoin platform. Conduct a decentralized distribution of applications (Decentrailized application, DApp) and Decentralized Finace (DeFi) along the way.

2018 received an honorary doctorate from the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, University of Basel (University of Basel)

Vitaric, currently based in Japan, is engaged in several open-source projects such as DarkWallet, Bitcoin Python, Kryptokit,, Egora.