Plate of Dispilio (πινακίδα τος Δισπηλιο, Dispilio Tablet)

The oldest written language in the world?

Most commonly accepted archaeology subjects say that the oldest written language in the world is the Sumerian Kuneform in Mesopotamia in today's Iraq, where Kuneform dates back to 3,000 BC.

The Board of Dispilio was discovered in 1932 at the site of Dispilio Lake in Kastoria, northern Greece, where the area has long been inhabited by humans, dating back to Neolithoc, 10,000-4,500 BC, where many ancient objects were excavated from the site before that. Whole ceramic bowls, bones, seeds

Dispilio's board discoverer is Professor Antonios Kiramopoulos of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

The appearance of the board of Dispilio is a wooden plate, which contains the letters engraved on it. According to the Carbon 14 method, it was found to be between 5000-4000 BC. Letter