Jonathan Swift
Jonathan Swift

Jonathan Swift

Jonathan Swift

Author Gulliver Adventure (Gulliver's Travels)

Swift was born November 30, 1667 in Dublin, Ireland (Dublin, Ireland). His father had the same name as Jonathan Swift, 1640-1667, while his mother was Abigail Erick of Fresby on the Wreake.

That swift's father died of syphilis before Swyft was born seven months.

When Swift came up, his mother gave him to a nurse who co-gave birth, who took Swift, a baby, back to her hometown of Cumberland, England.

Until when Swift was 3 years old, the nurse brought Swift back to Abigail, his biological mother in Ireland, where Abigail had placed Swift in the care of Swift's uncle, Godwin Swift, and the mother traveled to England.

1673 Swift Entrance at Kilkenny Elementary School (Kilkenny School)

1682 Entrance at Trinity College (Trinity College)

1686 Bachelor Degree

In 1689, during the Glorious Revolution in England, where King James II, Catholic, was replaced by Protestant King William III. Swift supported the revolution. Help with Sir William Temple in Moor Park

During her work at Moorpark, Swift got to know Esther Johnson, who was a young woman at just 8 years old. Swift called her Stella, who Swift became Stella tutor for Stella. Some believe Swift and Stella have secretly married.

In 1690, Ménière's disease, an abnormality within the inner ear, causing dizziness and hearing loss, causing Swift to quit his job with Sir William and return to Ireland for a year before returning to Sir William a year later. of the disease has not categorically disappeared throughout his life.

1692 received a master's degree from Oxford, where he later quit his job at Moore Park.

1694 was married as a priest in the Church of Ireland and was sent to Kilroot in Northern Ireland, a remote countryside.

1696 resumed with Sir William at Moore Park again.

In 1699, after Sir William died, Swift went to work for Lord Berkely.

1700 was named Vicar of Laracor in Ireland.

1702 completed a doctorate in religion (D.D., Doctor of Divinity) from Trinity College, Dublin University

1704 published a series of works titled A Tale of a Tub and The Battle of the Books, whose work made it famous for him.

1707 was given the position of religious ambassador of the denomination of Ireland.

Esther Vanhomrigh, an Irish woman of Dutch descent. Swift called her Vanessa, which came from “essa,” which was nicknamed “esther” and “van” from the surname “Vanhomrigh”... So Swift was the first person to create the word “Vanessa.”

1713 was given the title of bishop of St. Patrick's Cathedral (St.Patrick's Cathedral) in Dublin.

In 1714, Vanessa and Swift travelled back to Ireland, staying at the Celbridge Abber home, which belonged to the Vanessa family.

1723, Vanessa died, at the age of just 35.

In 1726, Gulliver's Travels was printed during the trip to London, where the works became popular immediately after publication.

1728 January 28, Esther Johnson died

In 1742, Swift was declared a loss of mental capacity. After becoming ill with cerebral embolism and losing the ability to speak.

1745 19 October, died


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