Sworn Lake (Sworn Lake)

A ballet play, authored by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, opens its premiere in March 4, 1877, at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow.


Prince Siegfried falls in love with a young princess named Odette, who is cursed by the sorcerer to become a swan in the daytime, and at night turns into a beautiful girl.

Act 1

Prince Siffred arrived to celebrate the occasion of his 21st birthday, a ceremony held in a park inside the palace, where royals and nobles alike danced. At today's event, the Queen gave her a crossbow as a gift to the prince, and was told to prepare for the wedding soon. The prince, who had a crossbow as a gift, went into the forest with his friend.

Act 2

Prince Siffred, who entered the forest to hunt with his friends, found him alone in the forest and came close to a very beautiful lake, in which there were many white swans playing water, but the prince noticed a particularly beautiful swan and had a tiara on the head of the swan.

Soon the Prince's companions followed the prince and helped to capture the distinctive white pwan. But the prince asked to spend time alone with the pong, and at night the white pong became a beautiful woman named Odette.

Odette told the prince about the evil witch named von Rothbart, in fact von Rothbart was the prince's master. Rothbart made many young women swans and swam in a lake caused by the tears of the parents of those cursed girls who had to cry. Regret. Odette also said that the only way to untie the curse is that the girl must be sanctified by her lover, and he must confess love to her.

During the Prince's confession of love to Odette, the Rothbart Wizard appeared and took Odette, and while the Prince tried to pursue it, Rothbart ordered the swans in the lake to dance to block the prince.

Act 3

The following day of the celebration, a ceremony was held in the royal belly, with many beautiful princesses attending the event. But the prince, who still thought of Odette, did not want to pong any princesses until the queen ordered the prince to choose, but when the prince was unable to choose any princess, he relieved the queen's anger. Dancing with the Princess at His Majesty's Event

Later, the soldiers in the Thong Phra Rothbart sounded the horn to signal that there were more arrivals. The new arrivals were Rothbart, the prince's master, who accompanied his daughter, Odile, whom he used magic to make Odile look like Odette, which made the prince fascinate in a false Odette.

While the real Odette saw all the events from the outside window, and saw that the prince had confessed to Odil and had asked Odil to marry.

And the prince saw that the real Odette was running out, knowing that he had been deceived. And when the truth came, Rothbart revealed Odil's true body.

The prince ran after Odette.

Act 4

Prince Siegfrid followed to the lake and saw a group of young girls sitting grieving at the lake. The prince went to Odette and explained that he had been deceived and asked her to forgive him.

But then Rothbart appeared with Odil in the body of a beast shaped like a bird, with Rothbart reiterating the prince to adhere to the order he had said, marrying Odil.

But the prince refused and said he'd rather die with Odetdi than marry Odil. Then the prince held Odette's hand and the pair jumped into the lake.

Suddenly the swans in the lake were returned to humans because the curse was unravelled by Prince Siffrid and Odette's wholesome love. All the young women helped to drive Rothbart and Odil into the lake to drown.

Then the girl saw the souls of Prince Sigfrid and Oboy floating from the lake into the sky.